Thursday, March 10, 2016

an example of a big desk organizer

Good day everyone! 
Have you ever felt that your table is messy? Did it make you feel irritated?

If yes then I have a solution for you!

I am going to teach how to make your own DESK ORGANIZER if its a small one, it can be use for your pencils, pins, art materials, and if it a big kind of desk organizer you ca arrange more bigger stuffs like papers, folders and more and it is very easy to make.

For the materials you are going to need: box, lots of boxes(any kind), tissue roll  scissor, cutter, glue, glue gun, art materials for designing, wrapper...

First decided on how you'll arrange the boxes, Take the shoe box lid or shoebox and place the small boxes inside; make sure they fit together, take your scissors and snip off the top face of the box. Don't worry if the box starts to fall apart, you can always tape it back together, then cut all the flaps, for other boxes there are those with flaps that are not to be removed so you have to glue or tape it together. Don’t forget the corners

Next With the boxes all taped together and structured well, you can then begin the wrap each box. But you do have two options.

The first one is to glue down the boxes and then glue pieces of the wrapping paper to cover it.


Have each box wrapped and then put together again, so that you can rearrange the boxes whenever you see fit.

I decided to wrap each individually, and wrapped it like I would have a present because I like the cover very much. But if your on a low budget, I suggest you glue down the boxes and then glue pieces of the wrapping paper to cover it, to save more money.

Paste it to the lid or box, use glue gun but be careful in using one or have someone to assist you.

One of my boxes were too big and I decided that I wanted to make a divider that I could remove and place in whenever I wanted to have certain things a little more neatly.

To do this, you'll need to take two faces of the boxes that you've previously cut out to make the open top boxes and position them into a T, and using tape, down the sides down securely before wrapping it.

I do recommend that you have it fit snugly inside one of the boxes or else it is a bit flimsy, but this is totally optional as well!

Design the box to your choice

And voila, you have a beautiful, easy to make desk organizer to organize your desk!
---Ganzo Malyn F.

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